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At 222 everything we serve is 100% vegan and freshly prepared using natural wholefood ingredients. Our dishes are low-fat, low-salt and non-GM.
We never deep fry or microwave. If you have particular dietary requirements, please ask and we will prepare something especially for you.

All dishes are Gluten-Free, except where stated. (G) – contains Gluten (N) – contains Nuts (R) – Raw dish
Seitan Stroganoff (N) (G) £12.00
cashew cream, mushrooms, seitan strips, caramalised onions, brown rice
Ben’s Special £12.00
vegetable stir-fry, choice of seitan (G) or marinated tofu, choice of brown rice or gluten-free […]
Oyster Mushroom & Spinach Raclette (N) £12.00
spinach & tofu cottage cheese on roasted potato, sautéed oyster mushrooms
222 Fresh Burger £12.00
asparagus & petit pois burger, avocado & truffle mayo on house baked gluten-free bread, oven-baked […]
Pumpkin and Pinenut Risotto £12.00
baked pumpkin & butternut squash, brown rice
Chef’s Salad £12.00
seasonal vegetables, avocado, asparagus, marinated artichoke
Medallions & Mash (G) £12.00
seasoned seitan medallions, potato & parsnip mash, steamed vegetables, onion gravy
Egusi £12.00
traditional African dish made from ground melon seed, served with a choice of baked yam or […]
Spaghetti Polpette £10.50
gluten-free pasta with quinoa & spinach ‘meatballs’, roasted tomato sauce
Pumpkin Noodle Salad £12.00
pumpkin & courgette noodles, fresh coconut, vegetables, brazil nuts, lime & ginger dressing