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At 222 everything we serve is 100% vegan and freshly prepared using natural wholefood ingredients. Our dishes are low-fat, low-salt and non-GM.
We never deep fry or microwave. If you have particular dietary requirements, please ask and we will prepare something especially for you.

All dishes are Gluten-Free, except where stated. (G) – contains Gluten (N) – contains Nuts (R) – Raw dish
Smoothies £6.00
Blue: blueberries, banana, apple juice, açai Red: strawberries, orange juice, raspberries, goji berries Green: spinach, […]
222 Mylkshake (N) £6.00
Almond milk, banana, raw cacao, almond butter, dates, maca
Organic Bottled Juices £3.50
Apple / Pear / Cherry & Apple / Raspberry & Pear
Organic Soft Drinks £3.00
Cola / Ginger Beer / Lemonade / Elderflower
Raw Pink Coconut Water £3.50
Karma Kefir (50cl) £4.50
Kombucha-style fermented probiotic-rich drink with fig and lemon
Organic Freedom Lager (33cl) £4.50
Organic Samuel Smith’s (55cl) £6.50
Organic House White Wine (Bordeaux Blanc) £5.50
Bottle — £18.50
Organic House Red Wine (Cotes De Thongue Rouge) £5.50
Bottle — £18.50
Mineral Water (33cl) £1.50
Still or Sparkling
Mineral Water (1L) £3.50
Still or Sparkling
Fresh Juices £4.50
Orange/Apple/Carrot & Ginger/ Carrot, Apple & Ginger/Grapefruit/Beetroot & Celery